Beet Risotto with Bacon & Goat Cheese
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A rich Risotto that has a sweet beet color and smoky bacon taste finished off by creamy goat cheese and nutritious kale.
Recipe type: Appetizer or Side Dish
Cuisine: Italian American
Serves: 6 Cups
  • 1½ C Arborio rice
  • 2 C beet juice, drained from can of beets (not pickled).
  • 3 C water
  • 1 tbsp chicken base
  • 4 tbsp butter
  • ½ C grated parmesan cheese
  • 6 slices smoked bacon
  • 4 ounces goat cheese
  • ½ C diced beets
  • 2 C chopped kale
  1. In a stock pot, combine water, chicken base and beet juice and bring to slow boil. Reduce heat to low.
  2. While this is going, dice and cook bacon in large sauce pot and drain bacon grease, leaving bacon in pot.
  3. Add rice and cook over medium heat until slightly brown (about 5 minutes). Add beet juice broth mixture to rice mix one cup at a time and stir until the mix thickens. Add more broth one cup at a time and continue to cook until rice is thickened (like oatmeal) and is done to the bite (about 15-20 minutes).
  4. Remove from heat. Add butter, diced beets and grated parmesan cheese.
  5. Mix together.
  6. Add chopped kale and goat cheese just before serving.
  7. Salt and Pepper to taste.
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