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Braised Short Rib Tacos recipe

  • Total Time: 1:30
  • Yield: 12 tacos 1x


  • 2 lb beef short ribs
  • 1/4 C olive oil
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 4 Cups enchilada sauce
  • 1 C chipotle sauce
  • 1/2 C red wine vinegar
  • 1 medium head red cabbage (shredded)
  • 1/2 C canned green chillies
  • 1 C diced tomatoes
  • 1/2 C chopped cilantro
  • 1 chopped garlic clove
  • 12-14 6" tortillas


To make the braised short ribs:

  1. Preheat oven to 350°.
  2. Using a Dutch oven (preferably porcelain lined), place on stove and add olive oil.
  3. Season ribs with salt and pepper and cook for 5-10 minutes on medium high heat, turning ribs until browned.
  4. Remove from heat and top with enchilada sauce, red wine vinegar and chipotle sauce,  cover with lid and place in oven and roast until fork tender (approximately 1 hour 15 minutes).
  5. Remove from sauce and “shred" from bones. place meat back in sauce and allow to sit for 10-15 minutes.

To make the red cabbage slaw:

  1. Mix shredded cabbage along with green chilies, tomatoes, chopped garlic and cilantro.
  2. Squeeze in the juice of 2 limes. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Allow to sit 15 minutes up to overnight.

Assemble the tacos:

  1. Warm tortillas by package directions.
  2. Fill the shells with short rib beef, slaw and your favorite toppings. We like cheese, jalapeños, sour cream and avocados.
  • Author: Superman Cooks
  • Prep Time: 30 minutes
  • Cook Time: 1 hr 15 min


  • Serving Size: 2 tacos
  • Calories: 569
  • Sugar: 19.9 g
  • Sodium: 2099 mg
  • Fat: 22.7 g
  • Carbohydrates: 55.6 g
  • Protein: 39.5 g
  • Cholesterol: 120.9 mg
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